Boys Potty Training

Boys potty training

With Boys -Potty Training Can Sometimes Be A Little Cumbersome

Have you seen those commercials where the kids end up making a mess that becomes a ‘Clorox moment?’ They are very catchy, and they remind parents of the troubles of potty training. Of course, it’s easy to laugh at those types of situations when they’re not happening at the moment. But when you’re little one creates a mess or is having a hard time understanding potty training rules, it can be frustrating.

Take heart, everything will eventually work out, and there are some great boys potty training tips that you can try. No matter what you do, you’re going to have to exercise patience. You don’t want to lose your cool because it could have a counter effect on your child’s learning during this time. At the same time you’re exercising patience, you must be persistent.

Take your little boy to the bathroom as often as it takes at first to get him to understand that is where he needs to do his business. Even if you have to take him to the bathroom every 15 minutes, you’ve got him understanding that is where he is going. After a day or two of going that often, you can start to take him to the bathroom less often in hopes that he has caught on and will start going to the bathroom by himself.

Of course, you don’t just have to worry about #1 but also #2. One thing you need to know about is the cues that should tell you that your son has to go poop. However, you should know that if you take him, that doesn’t mean he’s going to go right away. You might be waiting awhile, and again, you don’t want to get impatient. Talk to your child while he’s waiting, sing to him, read to him or whatever you can do to help him understand that he needs to wait and go to the bathroom. When it comes to boys potty training can be so difficult, right?

Have you heard of how keeping the kids naked in the house while potty training can help? The kids seem to react to naked potty training much better than if they are wearing clothes. Just remember that if you’ve decided to get rid of the diapers, stick with your decision. It’s not time to give into the demands of a two year old who refuses to be potty trained. You can get the job done if you’re patient and persistent.