Girls Potty Training

Girls Potty Training

Tips For Potty Training Girls

It’s often said that girls are easier to potty train than boys are. While this is typically true, this doesn’t mean that there’s no challenge associated with potty training girls. It can be difficult to get any toddler to use the toilet consistently.

If you’re struggling with potty training, keep these simple tips in mind. They’ll make the entire process a lot less stressful:

1. Let Her Join You In The Bathroom

Toddlers often learn by imitation. Because of this, it can be extremely helpful to bring your daughter into the bathroom with you. This tip is more likely to work with a female parent — if a daughter watches her father use the bathroom, she may try to pee standing up.

When your daughter follows you into the bathroom with you, she’ll learn from your example. Soon, she’ll want to use the bathroom that way herself, with no additional prompting from you.

2. Give Her The Right Equipment

While it may seem practical to have your daughter potty train on an adult toilet, it can actually do more harm than good. Many children are frightened by adult toilets. They worry that they may fall in, or may be afraid to climb up and use them.

Luckily, there are a number of excellent child-sized potties on the market. Once your daughter is comfortable with using a smaller potty, it’ll be easy to get her to start using a big toilet.

3. Create Potty Training Games

Children love to learn through play. If you can turn the process of potty training into a child-friendly game, your daughter will be a lot more receptive to it.

You may want to buy a doll-sized potty for her toys so that she can try to teach them what she’s learned about potty training. She’ll want to learn more so that she has more skills to pass on.

You might also want to mix a little bit of food coloring into her potty. She’ll be fascinated by the way she can make the color of the water change by using the potty. Little things like this can really help to get a child excited about the potty training process.

4. Personalize The Potty

Make sure your daughter really feels comfortable with her potty. Put her name on it, and give her the chance to decorate it with some fun stickers. Potty training girls is a lot easier when they’re not afraid of the toilet!