When To Potty Train

Potty Training

When to Potty Train, this is one of the biggest questions caregivers wrestle with. What research has shown is that the younger you start the potty training process the more likely it is to take quickly. Recommended ages are two to three years old.

Meanwhile, about 31% of children are not completely potty trained by four years old. We’d like to imagine with the right steps and resources we can spare you years of frustrating potty training escapades. Whether this is your first time potty training or your a seasoned veteran looking for the right tips we will help you find what you need.

You are in the right place to begin the process!

It’s time to get started so we recommend that if it’s your first time and your trying to potty train a girl to start here. ¬†Boys potty training training tips can be found on our boys page.

For the more experienced veterans it’s most likely time you’re trying to save and you will definitely want to see how to potty train in just 3 days!

We here at Potty Instruction would love to hear your potty training tales and the ages you started at. We wish you all the luck in your potty training endeavors and want you to share your boys potty training and girls potty training stories with us. Be sure to go to our Facebook page and tell us all about it, we look forward to hearing from you!

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