When To Start Potty Training

When To Potty Train

A young child’s life is full of many milestones. One of those is potty training. This is a big event for both children and parents and it success hinges on many different factors. As you consider this important step in your child’s life, you will find the following tips helpful.

Timing is crucial. You should only begin when your child starts showing interest in potty training. For many this is around the age of two. Some kids, however, have no interest until they are two and a half, or older. Starting too early can make the process a lot more challenging then it should be.

You can gauge your child’s readiness by considering how interested they are. Do they want to wear underwear? Is the toilet or potty chair interesting to them? Does your child tell you when they need to go? Are there periods of at least two hours where they stay dry? Are wet or dirty diapers bothersome to your child? Is your child able to follow simple directions? Are they able to pull their pants down and back up? Answering yes to most of these questions shows that your toddler is likely ready to face the task. If not, wait a couple months and reevaluate.

Once it’s time to begin potty training, your attitude is important. Maintain a positive attitude and encourage others who care for your child to do the same.¬†As a parent or caregiver, making sure you have the right tools in place to ensure success of potty training a toddler we strongly recommend the potty training in 3 days course, it is one of the best guides on the market for children potty training know how.